About Galacticos Fc

Galacticos Football Club came into being in last Quarter of 2014 when a group of football loving friends came together to create an avenue to network through football. The club is registered with Corporate Affairs Commission and currently uses the LASUTH football pitch located in Ikeja Lagos as home ground. 
The formation of the club was primarily borne out of the following key motivations. 
(a) Create an avenue to mentor and encourage young and talented youths who wants to pursue a career in football.
(b) To serve as a forum for acquiring physical fitness, social interaction and networking among Members; 
(c) To promote the spirit of camaraderie, good sportsmanship, courtesy and mutual respect among its Members; 
(d) To promote the interest and general wellbeing of its Members; 
(e) To foster good relationship and solidarity with Clubs sharing similar objectives. 
(f) To embark on various CSR activities to benefit the society.

We Play.
We Network.
We Stay Fit
We Help.
We Chill.


The club operates as an association under an incorporated Trustee model and membership of the Club is open to working class adult males of not less than Thirty (30) years of age and strictly limited to responsible members of the society who will abide strongly on the key principles guiding the club. 
Other key conditions of joining the club are listed below:

(a) Have a verifiable lawful means of livelihood and capable of constantly meeting his financial obligations to the Club; 
(b) Be at least 30 years old as at his last birthday; 
(c) Be sponsored by an existing Member of the Club, in good standing, who must have fully met his financial obligations to the Club and be in a position to vouch for the integrity and moral uprightness of the intending Member from his personal knowledge of the intending Member;

To be granted full membership of the Club, an intending Member shall fulfill all such reasonable conditions, including payment of fees and other lawful financial contributions, as the Executive Committee shall specify.

Members may (at the discretion of the Executive Committee) be allowed to bring their Guests to play, provided that any such Guest shall play in place of his Host. The Host and the Guest shall belong to the same playing Set and may alternate game time between them with the member playing first.

The day to day management of the Club is co-ordinated by the Executive Committee. The following officials arranged in order of hierarchy is elected to run the affairs of the Club:
1. President (Presido)
2. General Secretary
3. Captain/Assistant Captain
4. Public Relations&Social Secretary/ Assistant PRO&Social Secretary
5. Financial Director/Assistant Financial Director

Members of the Executive Committee shall hold office for a period of 3 (Three) years after which a new election is held to elect a new EXCO

The major objective of Galacticos is playing soccer via members of like minds that have financial abilities to meet the various objectives and values of the club in being helpers to various under privileged persons or institutions by being a social agent of change in Nigeria and becoming the biggest all stars social football club in Nigeria 
The vision is large but we have larger members who define toy would meet up with her values and objectives

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